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Yatağı Vakumlamak
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Dear guests,

We are steadily making steps and taking all necessary measures for creating not only a colorful holiday you to enjoy but also a safe environment for all of us. We now feel more ready than ever to welcome you all for a well-deserved holiday.

This year, things will be done a little differently in terms of cleaning and customer service. Less-frequent but more-intense cleanings and social distancing will create a more safe experience for all our guests.

In line with the government health and safety guidelines, you may find below the procedures and measures we will be taking to ensure you will enjoy an amazing, yet safe stay.


Upon check in, we will be keeping the necessary physical distancing.


It is compulsory for guests and staff to wear a face mask in all common areas

All surfaces, especially those frequently touched, should be cleaned and sanitized with disinfectant.
Public spaces of the building will be equipped with Sanitizing Stations and will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly on a daily basis.
In the rooms, Personal Hygiene & Protection kits will be available to all our guests, including masks, disinfectant, and gloves.
Our staff is trained to carefully follow all hygiene protocols and will be wearing the necessary protective equipment (masks and gloves) as required by the Department of Health guidelines.
Housekeeping will follow enhanced practices for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.
During your stay, our house keepers will enter your suite/room every 2 days if specially requested. Housekeepers will enter your suite/room only at your absence and be wearing the necessary protective equipment. 

Housekeeping will not enter a guest suite/room during a stay unless specifically requested, or approved, by the guest, or to comply with established safety protocols.


Housekeeping will also maintain the practice of cleaning and disinfecting rooms thoroughly following check-out.

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